AXE - Andromeda X windows Encapsulation

AXE is a C++ class library intended to make programming with Xlib a lot easier. Resources in X like windows, colors or graphics contexts are represented by objects in C++ with member functions to provide the operations on those resources. The AXE library provides a main() function with the event loop. All you need to do is create your own objects with classes that are derived from the classes in AXE and override the event handling methods to handle the events you select.

There is also a set of classes for user interface objects, such as menus and buttons. A few utility classes handle strings, times and dates.

Release notes for AXE 0.4

The latest release is 0.4. This release has the following features and fixes:

Release notes for AXE 0.3


You can download the AXE release 0.4 tarball which contains the source and the (slghtly outdated) documentation. To get you started, read the tutorial.


If you encounter any problems or if you want to make suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop me an Email